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Critical response[ edit ] The first season of This Is Us received positive reviews, with critics praising cast performances and series plot. The site's critical consensus reads, "Featuring full-tilt heartstring-tugging family drama, This Is Us will provide a suitable surrogate for those who have felt a void in their lives since Parenthood went off the air.

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Club also reviewed the series positively saying, "The hour accomplishes what it set out to do. It creates characters so compelling that we compulsively want to tune back in to see them again. And in each story, the characters are quite relatable.

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Adam bartley fogyás it could work to wring out a real response, not just an easy one, this might be a show worth watching each week. Perhaps if this was an episodic anthology series with new characters flooding in every week and new arcs every season, This Is Us could repeat the mysterious highs of its subjectively mediocre pilot depending on how you like that ending.

Yet This Is Us manages to both craft an intimate series of portraits and stitch them together.

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But at the same time, waves of adam bartley fogyás sentiment threaten to submerge everything.